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Marriot Hotel Madinah Saudi Arabia
Madinah Saudi Arabia
Hotel Rating:
Three Star Hotel
Marriot Hotel Madinah Saudi Arabia

LOCATION : Whether you're traveling for business, pleasure, or planning a meeting, Marriott focuses on what it takes to make your trip successful. Enjoy the comfort of one of our guestrooms, each equipped with remote-control TV, phones with voice mail and multiple data ports.

Madinah is one of the three holiest cities of the Muslim faith, and non-Muslims are not allowed to stay overnight within the city. As the Madinah Marriott Hotel is located inside the city limits, our hotel must fully comply with all local laws and ordinances.

Under certain special conditions, non-Muslims may obtain a special permit to visit Madinah during the day. For additional information regarding daytime visits, it would be best to contact appropriate city officials. There are a number of hotels within a 15-minute drive of Madinah that can accommodate non-Muslim travelers visiting for the day.